Seldom in a real estate transaction does a sale go smoothly. To be successful, a real estate agent needs to be at a minimum honest, dependable and cooperative. Over the past year, we have worked with Joe Kiefer on both residential and commercial real estate sales dealing with the family trust. Not only did Joe display these attributes, but was also knowledgeable, responsible and handled himself with integrity all the while dealing with co-trustees in different states. Our commercial sale required resolution to approximately 20 exceptions noted by the buyer. Resolution involved working with the EPA, re-zoning, and easement relief with a major utility company before an agreement could be reached. Obviously, I recommend Joe and appreciate his ability and commitment to complete the multiple sales of our family's property.

Scott Lane

I work with commercial real estate brokers in several cities across multiple states and i must say Joe Kiefer is one of the best. Joe and I have now worked together for about 10 years and i can only say good things. Joe only sends you property that fits your criteria and has an excellent understanding of the community. He has insight to properties that aren't listed on the market yet and sometimes those are the best deals. I have never signed an exclusivity agreement with any broker and have always trusted hard work to be the bond that maintains the relationship. Ten years later, i still rely on Joe.

Tim Rich Evansville, IN

Kendra R. and Troy T. went above and beyond to help me find the perfect building for my business. Location is perfect and I even was able to get more space that anticipated! They worked hard to stay with in my budget and respected my needs

Hollie C.

Becky Kasha is the most pleasant person to work with. She is kind and generous. I made a single phone call about making a donation to Habitat for Humanity in Henderson and Becky didn't hesitate on making a donation.

Emily Mitchell Evansville, IN

Hahn Kiefer always provides the best service in a timely manner. Joe Kiefer will always have your best interest at heart and really listen to what you want. A lot of individuals are focused on money where as Joe Kiefer is focused on doing what is right. If you want a straight shooter call Joe Kiefer!

Aaron Goelzhauser Evansville, IN

We had a great experience with an out of state home purchase. Joe Kiefer was very professional throughout and instrumental in getting this transaction fairly valued and closed in a very aggressive timeline.

Kristin Fields Evansville, IN

Always a pleasure to work with Joe and his staff. They consistently provide great service and pay close attention to detail.

Philip Evansville, IN

Joe Kiefer is one of the most honest person I know. I know people who entrusted him. And they where very please.

Kelli Evansville, IN

...Every time I've delt with Joe Kiefer he has been very attentive and quick to respond. He cares for his clients and does a wonderful job.

Jim Staley Evansville, IN

Phenomenal service!

JC Cambell Evansville, IN