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Other Services

Right-of-Way Aquisition Services

Hahn Kiefer Real Estate Services will help you interpret and implement the various laws and regulations that apply to your property acquisition situation. We will be an effective link between all of the participants in the process-landowners, engineers, governing agencies, lawyers and appraisers. We will strive to see that you get the easements you need to complete your project at the lowest cost. Our team has years of experience and a record of successful endeavors to its credit. Let us put our knowledge and skills to work for you.

Property Tax Appeal Services

To achieve the best results on your property tax appeal, engage Hahn Kiefer Real Estate Services. Our team includes a certified Property Tax Representative and our in-house attorney represented the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals for almost 8 years. We will handle your case in a cost-effective manner. We start with a no-charge initial consultation. We then analyze your case to find all supportable means to lower your real property assessment, employing the cost approach, the sales comparison approach, and/or the income capitalization approach–whichever is most appropriate. We will also evaluate whether factors like economic or physical obsolescence can impact the value of your property. We will work with the Assessor’s office to obtain a fair but favorable resolution, and present your case to the full Board as needed. Let us put our skills and years of experience to work for you.